Projects by Ryan Touk


🐌 Mollusk - An IDE for the Monkey programming language
🎮 Paddle - A gamepad-to-keyboard/mouse mapper for Windows
Ⓜī¸ Micromark - A tiny Markdown-to-HTML editor
ℹī¸ iconic - Create ICO and ICNS (Windows/Mac icons) from PNG/BMP
❌ HgErase - Tool for removing committed binaries from Mercurial repos


â›ē RealFestivals - Fake music festival generator (also on Mastodon)
🔊 HeardOnNPR - Helps you find songs played on NPR
📖 MemoirShuffle - Autobiography of a very busy persion
đŸĨ‡ TheFirstToTweet - Finds the first person to tweet words and phrases
🔀 xkcdremix - Combines unrelated panels of the webcomic xkcd
📕 FakeBossFight - Parody book covers in the style of Boss Fight Books (M)
đŸ’ŋ OKAlbumArt - Parody album art generator (M)
❓ FakeHQ - Fake "HQ Trivia" screenshot generator
đŸ“ŧ MuldersMixtape - Inserts YouTube audio into an X-Files scene
😏 GirlAreYouABot - Encyclopedic pickup line generator
🎅 DeepChristmas - Christmas song lyrics generator (M)
📜 DeepEULA - Text generator based on the Visual Studio EULA


đŸ”ēī¸ Unchecked - A short exploratory spikejumper
👀 Nugget - A wordless 2D platformer


🎧 Stochamix - A randomly curated music podcast
đŸŽŧ BCWKLY - An unofficial RSS feed for the Bandcamp Weekly podcast
📄 PureBasic Includes - Code snippets and custom gadgets from PB projects
🔍 Twitter Search - Twitter search parameters composer
🎲ī¸ Ma/Pa - Decide whether it's Mama's or Papa's turn


đŸĻ @ryantouk