Comparison of Monkey IDE features:

 Ted (official IDE)Mollusk
Edit Monkey CodeYesYes
Edit Other Text FilesYesYes
Save/Load ProjectsYesYes
Auto-Reopen FilesYes*Yes
Detect File ChangesNoYes
Build and Launch AppsYesYes
Custom Compile CommandsNoYes
Lock Build FileYesYes
Build/Runtime LogsYes CombinedYes Separate
Save Logs to FileNoYes
UTF-8 Source EncodingYesYes
Syntax HighlightingYes*Yes
Syntax Font StylingNoYes
Save/Load Color ThemeNoYes
Case CorrectionYes*Yes
Custom Keywords ListNoYes
Line NumbersNoYes
Word WrapNoYes
Code FoldingNoYes
HTML ExportNoYes
External Tools SubsystemNoYes
Basic Auto-CompleteNoYes
Monkey keywords, types,
classes, methods,
Dynamic Auto-CompleteNoYes
Contextual variables,
classes, methods,
functions, etc.
Find and ReplaceYesYes
Search BackwardsNoYes
Match CaseYesYes
Match Whole WordNoYes
Replace in SelectionNoYes
Custom Tab WidthYesYes
Type Tabs as SpacesNoYes
Tab/Space ConversionNoYes
Comment/Uncomment HotkeysNoYes
Visible Code Edge LineNoYes
Integrated Help BrowserYesYes
Help Browser PositionTabbed (covers code)Sidebar or pop-out
Keyword Sensitive HelpYesYes
Code BrowserYes
Classes, methods,
Classes, methods,
functions, bounds,
flagged comments
Projects BrowserYesYes
Change GUI LanguageNoYes
Single-Instance OptionNoYes
Can Hide ToolbarYesYes
Change Icon SizesNoYes
Custom Icon ThemesNoYes
Quick Examples MenuNoYes
Quick Import MenuNoYes
Quick Config AccessNoYes
Customizable HotkeysNoYes
Windows SupportYes XP+Yes XP+
Mac OSX SupportYes 10.7+Yes 10.7+
Linux SupportYesNo
Free UpdatesYesYes

Yes  Supported
Yes* Supported, can't be disabled
No  Unsupported