A fast lightweight photo viewer for Windows

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Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcut Action Notes
Ctrl+O Open
Ctrl+S Save Overwrites current file without warning (with new rotation, if changed)
Ctrl+Shift+S Save As Saves copy of image (with new rotation, if changed)
Ctrl+R Rename Renames file as-is (does not save custom rotation)
Ctrl+N New Window Opens a new window (even in single-instance mode)
Ctrl+W, Ctrl+F4 Close Window
Delete Delete File (Recycle Bin)
Shift+Delete Delete File (Permanent)
F5 Reload
Ctrl+C Copy Image to Clipboard
Ctrl+X Copy File Path
Ctrl+V Paste Load image from clipboard
Ctrl+E Show in Folder
Ctrl+P, Alt+Enter Show File Properties
Tab Toggle Status Bar
Left, A, PageUp Previous Image Within the current image's folder
Right, D, PageDown Next Image Within the current image's folder
Alt+Left, Backspace Back Previous image in viewing history
Alt+Right Forward Next image in viewing history
R, Ctrl+Shift+Plus Rotate +90° Clockwise
Shift+R, Ctrl+Shift+Minus Rotate -90° Counter-clockwise
Plus, Ctrl+Plus Zoom In
Minus, Ctrl+Minus Zoom Out
0, Ctrl+0 Zoom 100%
F Zoom Fit
F11, Ctrl+F Toggle Fullscreen
Space Pause/Resume When viewing animated GIF
Space Start/Stop Slideshow When in fullscreen
Ctrl+B Set Background Color Window color (cancel dialog for default)
Ctrl+Shift+B Set Fullscreen Color Fullscreen color (cancel dialog for default)
Ctrl+1 to Ctrl+9 Open With Launch an external program (up to 9 shortcuts)
Ctrl+Shift+O Open With Browse Launch image in selected program (and add to list)
Ctrl+Shift+M Toggle Single Instance
Ctrl+Comma Edit Settings File Closes window and launches settings file
F1 About Also checks for newer versions online

Other Usage

Commandline: You can launch Photon as:
photon — open a blank window
photon <file> — open a specific file
photon --paste — load from the clipboard

Mouse: You can zoom in and out by holding Ctrl and scrolling the scrollwheel. You can pan a zoomed-in image by click-and-dragging the Left mouse button or Middle/scrollwheel.

Right-click menu: Every menu item is now also available as a keyboard shortcut, see table above.

Settings File: Some rarely-changed options can be edited in the settings file (which is only a hotkey away, see table above):
DisableUpdateCheck — disable the online update check in the About window
DisableSmartShrink — disable reducing image in-memory for zoom/rotate performance
LimitToWindowSize — enable to always force image to fit in visible window
FillAllDisplays — disable to not blank out multi-monitors when in fullscreen
SlideshowMS — millisecond delay between fullscreen slideshow images
InvertWheelScroll — enable to invert the scrollwheel scroll direction
InvertWheelZoom — enable to invert the Ctrl + scrollwheel zoom direction

Photon Home