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[ ] NuggED: Areas

Areas are invisible rectangular regions within a zone. They are
mainly used to trigger scripted events involving the player.
Areas are displayed in the editor as red/white outlined rectangles,
and are typically edited within the sidebar like blocks.



List of Area Properties

X, Y Limits
Optional x limits and y limits, either entered as min,max or else left blank.
(If left blank, the zone spans the entire zone width and/or height.)

You can optionally choose a block in the zone (indicated by Oname)
which the area will automatically outline (in x and y only, not z-depth).
Note: areas will not follow blocks which move from their starting positions.

Z, Level
The area's z-depth as a coordinate (recommended) or level
index (obsolete). If left blank, the area will span all z-depths.

BG Color
If specified, the zone background color will temporarily become
the selected color whenever the player is inside it. Normally, the
background is the color associated with the player's current z-level.

If set, the player will die whenever he enters this area.
Note: this does not affect any other blocks, even dynamic ones!

If filled, this forces a specific camera zoom while the player is
inside the area (default = 100, smaller = zoom in, larger = zoom out).
If one value is specified, the zoom is fixed.
If two values are specified, separated by a comma, the zoom will
transition smoothly from the first to the second as the player moves
from the left boundary to the right boundary.
If three values are specified, separated by commas, the zoom will
transition from the first to second, then to third as the player moves
from the left, to the center, to right of the zone.

You can assign up to three scripts to each area:
Enter: triggered when the player enters the area.
Exit: triggered when the player leaves the area.
Action: triggered if the player presses the action key
(default is the Enter key) while within the area.
See the scripts page for more information.

Notes about Areas

About the Area Scripts
Areas can be used for simple purposes (kill the player, change zoom
or background color) but they are most useful for the three scripts
they can execute. Enter scripts are usually used as cutscenes
or to warp to another zone. Action scripts are usually used as
switches, to alter blocks or cause some other gameplay change.
Exit scripts usually undo temporary changes caused by Enter scripts.
By default, all area scripts can be triggered repeatedly. This is often
not desirable! To limit the script to only execute a specific number of times,
add the times='N' attribute to the script's main XML node.

<action times='1'>

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