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[ ] NuggED: Tools

The Tools menu provides access to a few miscellaneous features.
These are described below (more may be added in the future).

Game File Cleanup
This allows to you "clean up" the open game file (or an external file).
This may be useful to reduce the XML file size or optimize its scripts.
The options are as follows:

Remove useless attributes
This will remove any attributes which are filled but will not be used;
for example, the height attribute is not needed for checkpoint blocks.

Remove redundant attributes
This will combine any doubled attributes; for example, a Color set
as "00FF00,00FF00" will be reduced to the equivalent "00FF00".

Remove extra whitespace
This will remove all whitespace from the game and zone XML,
and optionally, from all scripts' XML (you will lose your formatting!).

Remove all XML comments
This will delete all comments from the XML file, including scripts!

Reformat XML
This is like a simpler, but more drastic version of the Cleanup tool.
You specify a tab width (in spaces) and the entire game XML will be
reformatted with hierarchical indentation (comments aren't removed).

Restore Deleted Script
If you accidentally delete any script (zone start, block standon, etc.)
by the Delete Script button or Ctrl+Del shortcut, you can bring back
the most recently deleted script using this menu option.
(Currently, it is not fully restored automatically; it is written to
the clipboard so you can paste it back wherever you need to.)

Game Executable
This allows you to choose which game executable you want to test
zones with, if the default is not found or it's not the file you want
to use (for example, OpenGL version vs. DirectX version).

Visit Webpage
This will launch the Grudlux website for news and Nugget updates.

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