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[ ] NuggED: Entrances

Entrances are simple: they are the various positions at which a player
can enter a zone. Each one is defined by x and y coordinates, a
z coordinate or z level index, and a name. They are invisible
in the game, but appear as blue squares with an X in the editor.



List of Entrance Properties

Every zone requires one default entrance with its name left blank
(the player will start here if no other entrance is specified). All
other entrances require unique, alphanumeric names.

X, Y
This is the position of the entrance. It should never overlap with any
solid blocks in the same z plane! The x/y coordinates specified refer
to the lower left corner of the player's character block, not its center.

Z, Level
The entrance's z-depth as a coordinate (recommended) or
level index (obsolete). One of the two must be specified.

Notes about Entrances

Reset Points
Whenever the player enters a new zone, the entrance point also
acts as the player's reset point (death or R key) until a checkpoint is hit.
Because of this, it is common to place entrances at more appropriate
reset points, and call set entrance within the zone's start script.
You can use if entrance to check where the player started.

<if entrance='fromwest'>
  <set entrance='safepoint' />

Seamless Zone Transitions
Loading a new zone is usually triggered by calling warp from an area's
Enter or Action scripts. Normally, the player will start at the entrance's exact
coordinates (maintaining his momentum). If the end of one zone and the
start of the next are designed to look the same, the transition will be jarring
and the abrupt coordinate change will look like a glitch. You can simulate
a seamless zone transition by specifying warp silent, and matching the
x/y coordinates of the new entrance (lower left) to the coordinates of
the area which triggers the warp (also lower left). Then, the player will
appear at the new entrance with the same relative position he had
in the trigger area. (In this case you probably should place a second,
more nicely positioned entrance to serve as a reset point; see above.)

<warp zone='east' entrance='fromwest' silent='1' />

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